SoapSkeptics is officially up and running as an artist collective made up of Andrea Garcia and Rosie McNeill.

Up to this point, the soapskeptics tumblr has only been used by Andrea Garcia. But yall should check out our blogspot and follow us on instagram @soapskeptics

We are planning a road trip that will be August- September 2014. We will be driving across America going from NJ, to Florida, to New Orleans, to Texas, to the Grand Canyon, up the Cali Coastline, to Seattle with a bunch of little stops in between. The purpose of this road trip is to film a documentary of artists across the country and how they percieve art and culture in their every day lives. The result of this project will be a bunch of hard copy DVD’s as well as a book of weavings we will make throughout our travels. 

We will be launching a kickstarter by mid April to try to raise $5,000 so we can make this dream a reality!! Please please share this, reblog this, check out our work, our bios, our instagram. And we will give you as many thanks, hugs, and cheers as we possibly can :)

Peace and Love!

TOMORROW NIGHT!Join me at the opening reception of a group show I am participating in.Art, snacks, and good vibes ~~~
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New diary painting. References NYC and brainless bimbos and daydreaming/wishing/hoping there’s more to life and stuff.
Working on some new things! Better photos will come once complete!